All-thorn, Bisbirinda, Chaparro, Goatbush

Castela erecta Turp. ssp.texana (T. & G.) Cronquist

Whole plant

Family : Simaroubaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Native

Season : Warm

This thorny bush with many branches and red fruit is known as ‘Amargosa’ which refers to its bitter bark. It can vary in size from three feet to ten feet in height. Amargosa can be found in thickets and on gravelly hills of the South Texas Plains and Edwards Plateau. Its red flowers bloom from April to May. Amargosa may cause injury to livestock but deer eat it and birds and small mammals use it for cover. Medicinal remedy uses include fever, skin disease, intestinal disturbances, yellow jaundice and dysentery.

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