Desert Sumac

Desert SumacLittleleaf Sumac

Desert Sumac, Scrub Sumac, Small-leaved Sumac

Rhus microphylla Engelm.

Whole plant

Family : Anacardiaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Native

Season : Cool

This heavily branched shrub stands three to ten feet. Its habitat includes the South Texas Plains and the Edwards Plateau. Littleleaf Sumac produces fruit from May to July. Leaves are browsed by white-tailed deer and small mammals; quail, and turkey eat the fruit. Its canopy is used for protection by small wildlife. The fruit mixed with water tastes tart. Littleleaf Sumac is used as an ornamental, landscape plant, or hedge. The leaves are eaten by white-tailed deer and cattle, and the seeds are eaten by several species of birds.

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