Net-leaf Forestiera

Net-leaf ForestieraNetleaf Swampprivet

Forestiera reticulata Torr.

Whole plant

Family : Oleaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Native

Season : Warm

Net-leaf forestiera is found in the canyons of limestome hills and plateaus of the Edward’s Plateau. It is not very abundant in any part of its range. It is a small to medium-sized shrub growing up to 12 feet in height. Net-leaf forestiera usually has many small stems arising from it’s base. The yellow to green flowers form clusters in the axils of the last year’s leaf growth. Net Foresteria blooms during the summer with male and female flowers on separate plants. The leaves are oval with smooth margins and raised, prominent veins. The upper surface of the leaf is dull green and the underside is a lighter, paler green. The fruits are dark blue to black and are an important food source for wildlife.

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