Texas Needlegrass

Texas Needlegrass

Texas Wintergrass

Texas Needlegrass, Speargrass

Nassella leucotricha (Trin. & Rupr.) Pohl

Whole plant

Family : Poaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Native

Season : Cool

Texas Wintergrass is found in sandy and clayey soils along roadsides and in open fields in the South Texas Plains and the Edwards Plateau. It grows to a height of 12 to 35 inches. The leaves are dark green and are covered with short stiff hairs, making it rough to the touch. It starts growth in the fall and continues to grow throughout the winter, hence the name wintergrass. The name Speargrass evolved from the seeds, which are very stiff and have long, bent and twisted awns. After the seeds have fallen, papery white bracts remain. Texas Wintergrass has good wildlife and livestock value and flowers between March and June.

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