Blackbrush Acacia

Blackbrush AcaciaBlackbrush Acacia

Blackbrush, Chaparro

Acacia rigidula Benth.

Whole plant

Family : Fabaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Native

Season : Cool

Blackbrush is usually a muli-stemmed shrub with numerous thorny branches sprouting from the base. It resprouts vigorously when it is disturbed but can be managed using herbicides. Shrubs are typically from three to fifteen feet high. It is commonly found on shallow ridges in South Texas and is less common in the Edwards Plateau. The plant produces many white flowers from February to April. Insects and white-tailed deer forage Blackbrush stems along with birds and other small mammals. Small mammals and birds inhabit this plant for protection. This plant is used in rock gardens, landscapes, or xeriscapes.

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