Cola de Zorrillo

Cola de ZorrilloWater Ash

Skunkbush, Wafer Ash, Cola de Zorrillo, Common Hop-tree, Three-leaf Hop-tree, Shrubby-trefoil, Swamp Dogwood, Potatochip-tree, , Ague-bark, Pickaway-anise, Prairie-grub, Wingseed

Ptelea trifoliata L.

Whole plant

Family : Rutaceae

Longevity : Perennial

Origin : Introduced

Season : Cool

Water Ash can be found growing in various soil types all across the state of Texas. It has many varieties and forms, but is usually a small shrub to large tree reaching a height of 25 feet. The leaves are divided into three leaflets that have a very distinctive pungent odor. The yellow-green to greenish-white flowers are grouped in clusters and have four to five petals. Water Ash blooms from March to July. The fruit matures in August and September and is wafer-like and winged all the way around. The fruit, a samara, was once used as a substitute for hops in beer brewing. Water ash prefers shade and is usually an understory species.

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