Natural Resources

deer collaring with heliBackground

Texas has an abundance of Natural Resources, including a great diversity of plants and animals, many different landscapes and sources of water and energy. However, we must be careful to manage these resources wisely. Water is a critical but increasingly limited resource. We are investigating the use of rainwater and clean but non-potable “grey” water for landscaping, so that quality aquifer water can be saved for human use and stream flow can be maintained in the rivers. Use of natural resources, especially wildlife, is estimated to contribute $7 billion annually to the Texas State economy. We work to improve the heath, productivity and sustainability of wildlife populations in Texas. Our goal is to enhance the competitiveness and prosperity of wildlife-based industries, while simultaneously ensuring conservation of our natural resources. In addition, Texas provides a safe refuge to several endangered animals from other countries. We strive to help to determine the conservation requirements of these species so that one day they can be returned to their former habitats.


Promoting conservation of natural resources by use of rainwater, greywater and native plants for landscaping.
Increase quantity and quality of wildlife in through provision of new tools for wildlife managers and identification of best habitat management practices in a changing environment.
Helping to prevent new and emergent diseases from impacting wildlife resources and affecting human and livestock health.
Aiding the international conservation effort to restore populations of endangered antelopes


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