Vegetable Breeding and Genetics

Dr. Malla planting onion


Dr. Subas Malla
Assistant Professor
Vegetable Breeding and Genetics




Research Interests

  • Understand genetical mechanism involving host-biotic and host-abiotic interaction
  • Identify Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for yield, end-use quality, insect tolerance, disease tolerance, water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency, heat tolerance, and drought tolerance
  • Incorporate QTL to enhance germplasm and develop new cultivars in the breeding program via marker-assisted selection
  • Shorten breeding cycle and enhance selection efficiency by using conventional breeding tool (e.g. Genomic Selection)


To increase farmers’ profitability, protect the environment, and manage resources sustainably by developing high yielding, better end-use quality, and biotic and abiotic stress tolerance cultivars.


The farm value of onion and watermelon is estimated at $ 500 million in the United States. Texas is one of the top five vegetables and fruits producing states in the U.S. There is a higher demand for good flavor and better quality vegetables and fruits within the state and nationally, however, there are some agricultural production constrains in the Texas i.e. water quality and availability, insects and diseases prevalence, heat and drought stresses among others.



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