Systems Plant Physiology

Dr. Vijay Joshi
Assistant Professor
System Physiologist (Molecular Physiologist)




Research Interests

  • Metabolic and physiological network of plant responses to environmental stress (water, salt, nutrients, heat, cold),
  • Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), nitrogen sensing, transport and assimilation, senescence induced remobilization of nutrients
  • Molecular aspects of plant metabolism and regulation to enhance nutritional and post-harvest qualities, pathway engineering for traits improvement
  • Root architecture studies and molecular/metabolic responses to nutrient perturbations and abiotic stress
  • Cross-talk between stress-induced metabolites and key hormonal pathways (ABA, Cytokinin, Auxins, GA etc.)


My research will blend into research initiatives engaged in vegetable and field crop improvement programs at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research in Uvalde. As a broader objective, my research program will focus on enhancing vegetable and field crops productivity and quality through identification of novel traits enabling enhanced tolerance to abiotic stresses and nutrient use efficiency.


The Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center programs aim at developing crops with enhanced nutrition, leading innovative research for renewable energy sources and implementing new methods to improve environmental quality. My research interests aligns with the programs and will primarily focus on investigating metabolic, molecular and physiological networks of plant stress adaptation in key vegetable and field crops under diverse environments.




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